Sunday, March 06, 2005

And Out With the New (notice uppercase) . . . .

Finally. Finally got the personal website, up, with the real estate stuff on it that I've been hinting about to my students. Finally. Only had to go in and patch and redo bunchteen twenny links. Who would ever suspect that upper and lower case names would make a difference? I know I'd heard rumors, but you don't pay attention.

Now if we can just get the first grandchild born, an event which has been predicted to take place since Friday, February 25, but which like the upper-case rule, is also merely a matter of rumors. The daughter tells us that doc says little kid is doing fine in there so there's nothing to be concerned about. That's the problem, I'm sure. Way too comfortable.

I know the daughter has spoken at the baby, at least once, attempting to encourage her to make a run for it, but, well, kids. you know. It isn't that they don't understand.

Kids have bad ears. They don't hear well. Sometimes you have to shout before they can hear you. Sometimes you actually have to stand on a chair and jump up and down, wave your arms, and shout before you can get them to hear you.

I'll suggest that approach to the daughter. In my usual helpful way of course.

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Anonymous said...

While jumping and arms' waving are quite vigorous forms of exercise, a walk, perhaps, could be helpful for the home run.