Monday, January 31, 2005

Some anti-Bush people really get it.

The election in Iraq doesn't mean anything if we don't have a good exit strategy. It wasn't a very good election because a lot of Sunnis stayed home. Now that they are going to pick a constitution, it will require lots of diplomacy to get it all together. We need to bring our boys home. Yeah, right.

Take a look at this statement from this guy who sticks to the truth while finding his way through all the anti-Bush memes.

After 9/11, we were all, for a few days maybe, Americans. Maybe the Iraqi election can let us all be Americans again. Even if only for a few days.

Then we can get back to important name-calling and the press can get down to bidness by supplying us with stuff we can use in our everyday lives, like information and commentary about the Michael Jackson trial.

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