Friday, January 07, 2005

A question troubled me.

I used to worry about what will happen if those who would do harm to Americans in the name of their savage god might fail to find anybody who could see the good in them? (There's good in everybody, right?) But I am now comforted seeing that there are Senators who can love them, and there will be media publicists to approve of them.

Now, those who Move-On claims to own are seeking to protect both the dignity and the comfort of captured Islamist thugs.

In their rage to slander and diminish American values, some senators on the left are using the confirmation hearings as a platform to publish slander and flat lies about the attorney general nominee's and the president's position on torture.

Ankle-biters, sure. But ankle-biters with rabies. And, to puff up the metaphor, they've formed together into a feral pack.

Another question comes to me. Just when was it that Al Qaeda signed the Geneva convention? And what does their uniform look like?

And yet another. Since when is humiliation of jihadists torture?

We are dealing, here, with a culture which cuts off hands for minor crimes, and lovingly, methodically, impeccably, stuffs people in sacks and pounds them with rocks until they die. (And they don't die quickly.) Their culture feeds on culture; it loves torture, it needs torture. By hooting that we are torturing the jihadist captives, these socialist clowns are promoting the raggedy-assed captives into mighty heroes who withstood American torture - basically by just sitting around and not answering questions.

I say, don't torture them; that's what they crave. But laugh at them, mock them, and feed them pork.

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