Friday, January 14, 2005

New pictures from space.

This is a big deal. Really. First pictures here. Let's see the self-indulgent green-weenie environmental-activist know-nothing anti-technology crowd match this. If you are for space exploration, you just got to love this.

On the other hand, if you are against space exploration, you are against knowledge. The pious dedication to the notion that we should spend all available resources on social issues rather than wasting it on entertaining some scientists with rockets, is just a pose. I suspect it masks a feeling of insecurity that comes from being aware that one is already a little behind in the inderstanding department, and any new information is just going to make one all the more behinder. Further, exploration beyond our own planet suggests that maybe, just maybe, we might not be limited to those resources already located on our own planet. But all the aggressive know-nothings base much of their faith on the premise that we should use earth's resources sparingly so as to make them last. Cause earth is all we've got.

We sure shouldn't spend resources just for looking around at other people's moons and stuff. We might learn something that contradicts what we already know. (Of course, when I talk about what we know, I mean authentic knowledge. You know. What we know to be true deep down and not just some stuff that can be proved by science, logic, tests, or observation. No, I don't mean that stuff. I mean higher knowledge.)

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